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NICE Foundation is an Govt. Registered Institute. The Institute initiated the innovative approach with a Team of Professionals in such an order which helps a Student.

We create a positive environment for effective learning within a context of global citizenship and social justice. We value the diverse profiles of our learners. Our curriculum, teaching and support services are characterized by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, teaching strategies that suit learners’ needs and an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect.

About NICE Foundation

NICE Foundation has been registered under the Trust Act 1882 (Reg. No. 1962) from Govt. of India N.C.T. New Delhi & working in different fields of Educational & Commercial Training.

NICE Foundation is the Educational Trust formed by intellectual and industries veteran with vision to prepare the next generations by providing excellent learning framework that prepares student to compute in a diverse world market. Trust focus on creating learning frame work for Scholarship & Competitive Examination like GRE, G-MAT, MPSE, UPSE, NEET, IIT-JEE Banking, Government Job, etc. by providing training on NICE Foundation platform [https://www.niceedu.org]. With current education systems students are carefree & confident as they are getting promoted to higher class there is a great possibility that the students may neglect study and parent may loss track on student progress also it has limitation with preparing student for Scholarship & Competitive Examinations. NICE Foundation offers their OWN EDUCATION STRATEGY for all the student level.

We provide widely recognized leadership in the improvement of teaching, learning and the assessment of educational outcomes across the life span through researches, scholarship and technology with help of educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance.

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News: National Scholarship Exam - 2018. Admission Started.


    “NICE Foundation conducts multiple exams and training session in various fields.

    The NSE (National Scholarship Exam) is a scholarship exam conducted by NICE Foundation to find the best talent in educational as well general knowledge. All deserving candidates are then provided with monetary aid in the form of a scholarship and with national recognition.

    NITE (National Information Technology Exam) helped me to improve my technological skills. I am the 2Nd Winner for NITE – 2017. Even after winning, NICE Foundation took the initiative to call me and congratulate me. The Tablet (Prize) was also delivered almost instantly.

    NICE Foundation also conducts NICE Camp which is an enriching trip for educational and outdoor activity.

    It was very well organized in whole country. NICE has helped me to realize my full potential.” –

    Joel Tony
  • “NITE being a very prestigious exam in India, conducted every year by NICE Foundation. I was very excited to win it.

    1st March 2017 was a life changing date for me because I won laptop from NICE Foundation. The results of NITE (National Information Technology Exam) were announced and the winners list had my name right on top.

    I felt very proud to win a competition on a national scale that had thousands of bright and equally smart students as my competitors. I would like to thank NICE Foundation for providing a platform for excellent quality education. Keep up the student’s confidence, spirit & motivation alive.”

    Aahaan Phadnis